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Probiotic 100+ Billion CFU’s



This product is sensitive to heat exposure. This product is shipped from Utah in an insulated package along with a cold pack. We also recommend that you choose an expedited delivery method (Overnight or 2 Day Shipping) at checkout to minimize the heat exposure to this product.

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Probiotic 100+ Billion CFU’s is a high-potency, hypoallergenic blend of six certified probiotic species formulated to provide 100+ billion CFUs in a single capsule. This formulation provides three Lactobacillus and three Bifidobacterium species clinically proven to support gastrointestinal health in populations at high risk for diarrhea and compromised gut barrier function. Ther-Biotic® Factor 6 has been studied in renal transplant patients and found to provide safe, effective gastrointestinal support. InTactic® technology protects probiotic bacteria from destruction by gastric acid.

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