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Nutrigenomic testing is currently only available from Neuro Biologix (GX Sciences) and can only be obtained through their website: https://www.gxsciences.com/register.asp .
Once the kit is obtained and the Nutrigenomic testing is completed, the recommended supplements will be available HERE
If you have any questions please email Info@GXSciences.com or call customer service at 
Toll Free 844.258.5564 / Local 512.258.5564
Once you've registered with GX Sciences, make sure to create a prescriber account with Nutrascriptives in order to view and purchase the genetic products. Click here to register now or call us at  (800) 461-4170.
Do you or a family member take nutritional supplements?
Do you or a family member have issues with...
  • Focus or concentrations issues or ADHD symptoms
  • Nervousness, feeling anxious or not comfortable in social settings
  • Fatigue or poor recovery from exercise or injuries
  • Getting to sleep or staying asleep
  • Sadness, feelings of depression, mood swings
  • Foods that cause stomach problems after eating
  • Chronic infections or poor healing
  • Health issues but no one can find anything wrong with you
  • Skin or bowel irritation that comes and goes

Are side effects from your nutritional supplements a concern?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above questions, then the answer to our existing health problems or potential health issues could be a cheek swab away.


How is this test performed?


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