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Your personalized Nutrigenomic test.

Attention providers:

Nutrigenomic testing is currently only available through GX Sciences and can only be obtained through their website

Once the kit is obtained and the Nutrigenomic testing is completed, the recommended supplements are available here

If you have any questions, please email or call their customer service:
Toll Free (844) 258-5564 / Local (512) 258-5564

Once you've registered with GX Sciences, make sure to create a prescribe account with Nutrascriptives in order to view and purchase and genetics products. Click here to register now or call us at (800) 461-4170.

Why Nutrigenomic Testing?

Do you or a family member take nutritional supplements?

Do you or a family member have issues with...

• Focus or concentration issues / ADHD symptoms?
• Nervousness, feeling anxious, or not comfortable in social settings?
• Fatigue or poor recovery from exercise or injuries?
• Getting to sleep or staying asleep?
• Sadness, feelings of depression, mood swings?
• Foods that cause stomach problems after eating?
• Chronic infections or poor healing?
• Health issues but no one can find anything wrong?
• Skin or bowel irritation that comes and goes?

Are side effects from your nutritional supplements a concern?

If you answered "YES" to any of the above questions, then the answer to your existing health problems or potential health issues could be a cheek swab away.

Bridging the Gap Between Supplements and Genetics - Understanding your Nutritional Needs

Nutrascriptives is now offering Nutrigenomic test panels through GX Sciences that analyze up to 120 genes hand-selected by our experts through their clinical expertise. 

Each panel report provides the following:

• Nutritional recommendations to overcome genetic weaknesses identified in your DNA
• Lifestyle recommendations
• Lab test recommendations that your provider should consider to give you more insight
• Clinical definitions by experts on what each Single Nucleotide Polymorphism (SNP) means to you and your health
• Scientific references on each SNP from top medical journals and research abstracts

Complimentary testing kits are shipped free of charge once you are approved as a GX Sciences provider.

You may order via the website or call customer service at (844) 258-5564.

Please allow up to 3 business days for a response once you submit your registration. We will need to obtain a copy of your medical license before we can activate your account.

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Why do patients need Nutrigenomic testing?

Genetic variants are more common than we realize:

• More than 75% of all patients have significant genetic weaknesses (SNPs) in the most important nutritional metabolic pathways.
• Without genetic validation of enzyme function, many supplements are not effectively delivered at the cellular level, therefore, the patient can be wasting time with nutritional ingredients that have little to no benefit.

Why GX Sciences?

There are many DNA testing providers on the market, but they vary considerably in terms of methods, level of expertise, presentation of results, and useful information for the provider and patient. What medical provider’s desire is a precise way to analyze the specific need of each patient. Additionally, insufficient knowledge of the proper nutritional recommendation for the abnormal SNP can lead to costly and ineffective results for the patient.

GX Sciences was designed to overcome the roadblocks a professional may encounter when offering nutritional supplements to their patient population. Our personalized Nutrigenomic Testing Service is a comprehensive solution for safer and more targeted nutritional recommendations for every patient.

Note: Once a swab is received from your patient, no other swab is necessary to order additional panels.

Please ship swabs within 1-2 days via pre-paid box inside of kit.

These kits can be used at any time - payment will be processed once our lab receives the swab. 

Kit includes the requisition form for all Nutrigenomics panels and PGX testing.