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The use of dietary supplements is becoming increasingly prevalent as many people look for proactive ways to support and improve their overall health. NUTRAscriptives® combines the finest supplement products with processes similar to those required in pharmaceutical companies known as current Good manufacturing practices (cGMP).


Why Choose NUTRAscriptives?

Recognized as a trusted distributor of clinical-grade supplements within the United States, NUTRAscriptives is dedicated to offering products of the highest quality and potency to consumers and medical professionals who are looking to improve overall well-being.

Many NUTRAscriptives Supplements Include Ingredients That Have Undergone Clinical Trials

• Many of the raw ingredients used are sourced from the same suppliers as pharmaceutical companies

• We use trademarked ingredients that have gone through clinical trials

• The majority of our formulas use the most bioavailable form of the ingredient

• Testing specifications are set according to the U.S. Pharmacopoeia or similar methods

• Many of our supplements are available in both sustained release (SR) or immediate release formulations


What Makes NUTRAscriptives Supplements Unique?

Customer Testimonials

Your website is great, you offer priority mail and your products are awesome.
Colleen - Washington
I have been taking your D3 vitamins for many years now and I tell all my friends about them. Your delivery time is excellent. Thank You!
Ivy - Florida
I ordered yesterday morning and already have them in my hands, how amazing!
Jennifer - Idaho

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