Clinical Grade Supplements That Make A Difference

A Foundation in Quality

Quality means more to us than producing excellent products. It is our culture and drives every step in our manufacturing process.

Exceptional quality is the foundation of the Nutrascriptives® premium supplement line. We believe that quality cannot be guaranteed by a health claim made on a label but instead must be built into the product’s initial development using only the best ingredients and processes. All of our products start with a foundation of quality ingredients that are used in our research-based product formulations. Through the stringent qualification of all ingredient suppliers and manufacturing partners, in-process verification of product specifications, and comprehensive third-party testing of every ingredient and finished product, Nutrascriptives® distinguishes itself as a leader in high quality dietary supplements.

Quality Sourcing

We use the highest quality ingredients which meet our strict safety and compliance standards. Our ingredient suppliers are only qualified after a comprehensive review of their manufacturing processes, testing protocols, and quality documentation methods. Only ingredients found in the most bioavailable forms are used to maximize absorption and effectiveness. We contract with third party laboratories to test the potency, identity, microbial contamination, and heavy metal content for every ingredient to further guarantee the potency, quality, and safety of our products.

Quality Ingredients & Formulations

Nutrascriptives formulas are developed with clinically effective doses that are readily bioavailable and backed by scientific research. For labeling clarity, the use of proprietary blends is minimized to provide full transparency of product formulation. We also take the following steps to ensure unparalleled quality:

• All formulations are developed with a focus on minimizing the use of excipients, fillers, and binders.
• All formulations are vegan-based and free from common allergens.
• Mineral dosages are identified by true elemental weight as opposed to salt weight.
• Herbal extracts are standardized to their primary active marker compounds to ensure products are delivering effective doses. In simpler words, the active compound in the herb rather than the whole herb itself is identified.

Quality Product Storage & Distribution

In addition to starting with a foundation of quality ingredients sourced from proven high quality suppliers, we take the following steps to ensure your supplements retain their quality during manufacturing and after they are produced:

• All manufacturing operations take place in temperature and humidity controlled facilities.
• All ingredients and finished products are stored in temperature controlled warehouses to maximize stability.
• Stringent allergen control procedures are in place to prevent cross-contamination and guarantee product purity.
• Following production, third party laboratories confirm potency, microbial contamination, and heavy metal content for every product manufactured, ensuring they are within safe limits.